Dave Lou, 19, and Billy Wong, 19, spotted on Broad Street

By Meeka Johnson

I love your style. Where are you from?

BW: “We stay in Bryn Mawr.”

Dave, where did you get your Lecosportif  sneakers and patent leather hat?

DL: “Japan.”

Billy, what does LMF on your shirt stand for?

BW: “I design my own letters.”

Are your glasses prescription or window panes?

DL: “Just for show, for style.”

What kind of music do you listen to?

DL and BW: “New Found Glory, Metallica, punk rock, rock.”

Street Seen

Central High School Students Calah Bullard, 16, and Courtney Taylor, 16, at 50th and Baltimore

By Meeka Johnson

How would you describe your style?

CB: “My style is urban classic. I like a lot of preppy stuff, but then I throw in some sneaks or a headband to make it not so nerdish.”

CT: “My style is just colorful and crazy. It doesn’t have to always match either.”

Do you have a favorite color?

CT: “Last year it was orange. Anything orange I had to have. Now pink is it for me.”

What’s your fall must-have?

CB: “My fitted fur-trim coat and big Marc Jacobs-inspired bag.”

CT: “Colorful shoes. I’m not wearing any more black or brown shoes.”

Speaking of shoes, tell me about what you have on.

CB: “I bought these Nikes from France for 30 euros. That’s cheap for retro Nikes. I’ve had them for about three years now, and I still wear them and get compliments.”

CT: “I bought my shoes from Barefeet. I got them in green because they were such a weird color for a boot. I had nothing to wear with them, and then I remembered I bought a Live 8 shirt this summer, so I just wore it with boots.”

What do you want to be after you graduate from high school?

CB: “A plastic surgeon.”

CT: “A pharmaceutical doctor.”

Street Seen

Mark Anthony Barksdale, 21, at 17th and Chestnut

By Meeka Johnson

Describe your style.

“Euro-urban. The slimmer cut of my clothes is the Euro and the urban part is rocking sneaks and baseball caps. My motto is always wear something that pops.”

What’s your fall must-have?

“I have two: fur hats and a long necklace with a pendant that hits my belt buckle.”

Who’s your celebrity fashion idol?

“David Beckham. His style is unique. He definitely makes a statement. Female: Mary-Kate Olsen. She stands out in a crowd.”

Who’s your favorite fashion designer?

“Alexander McQueen. One of his shows, he had a Little Red Riding Hood set on a model and she was walking a wolf. Classic.”

Worst hairstyle?

“In high school I dyed my hair blond and then tried to dye it blue and it turned out green. I wore it for one day down South Street before I cut it off.”

Street Seen

Sue Golden, 45, at 19th and Walnut

By Meeka Johnson
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Describe your style:

“Sexy and funky.”

Who’s your favorite designer?

“Roberto Cavalli. Well, I don’t really have one. I like all of them.”

I love …

“Accessories. I own [the store] Stiletto, and I sell everything I love-boots, shoes, bags and belts. My favorite shoe designer is Giuseppe.”

What’s your winter must-have?

“Fur vests.”

Favorite color?

“Right now it’s green. I always wear black and caramel in the winter, then I throw in the fashion winter colors, which happen to be purple and green.”

Worst holiday clothing gift ever?

“It was from my ex-mother-in-law, and it was a multicolored fur. When I say multicolored I mean multicolored. It wasn’t even a hot ’70s-inspired chic pattern coat. I tell you, garbage.”

Street Seen

Parrish Clary, 19, and James Williams, 19, at Broad and Chestnut

By Meeka Johnson
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Describe your style.

PC: “Anything goes … psych! Anything doesn’t go. I’m on my way to an interview. I just threw this on. My stilettos are in the bag.”

JW: “Stella McCartney’s class and Gucci’s raw edge.”

What’s your fall must-have?

PC: “Round-toe shoes and YSL blouse.”

JW: “Big bags as big as your body and Gucci frames and clogs.”

Who’s your celebrity icon?

PC: “Jackie O. She’s conservative and classy, but still sexy.”

JW: “J. Lo. She’s sophisticated and sexy. Plus she has a nice rear end.”

Favorite designer?

PC: “Roberto Cavalli.”

Describe your worst hairstyle.

JW: “I never mess up. I stay hot like a GoodFellas poster.”

Worst school picture?

PC: “It was 10th grade and I had a low haircut. Yuck.”

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